Thursday, April 27, 2006

CP fundaes!

CP = Class Participation.

We have a certain percentage (about 20%) of our final grades set aside for Class Participation (CP). CP can be in the form of answering questions, asking insightful questions, putting forth a valid point, etc. Such CP is usually termed "Insightful CP".
Somewhere along the line, ofcourse, the point of CP gets lost. Our seniors warned us that this would happen! We are only into our preterms and already CP is at max tolerable levels. As much as there are useful CP questions, there are also some really random questions asked just for the sake of asking questions. "Arbit CP" is the term coined somewhere along the years by some previous batch for such questions. We've started getting a share of this already :-).
I heard today that in one of the Statistics classes, the prof was going over Probability Theory. He was using the standard example of someone tossing a coin and the probabilities associated with it. Bang came an arbit CP "What is the probability that he decides to toss the coin?".

I think someone forgot to tell the arbit CP guy that the preterms are not graded :-)



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