Friday, April 21, 2006

The learning begins..

The entire batch of 432 people in the class of 2007 at ISB have been split into 6 sections from A to F for all purposes (academics, sports and culturals). We've been having many ice-breaking events within the section, across the sections and otherwise. Within each section, there are 12 study groups (of 6 people) with whom we will live, die and fight for our survival with for the next 4 terms.
The alums were sent to a professional team building event managers to learn to walk us through the events. Each study group got to interact with their corresponding study groups across sections. Throughout the day long events, it was interesting learning experience where we learnt to observe each others' traits. We were asked to walk around a section of the lawns and associate ourselves with any one object there. It was interesting how most people in the group associated themselves with different things. Some people associated themselves with water for its ability to be flexible, while others associated themselves to the trees/plants and how each leaf represented a unique talent. And there were even a couple of us who associated with the big rocks around as a sign of being reliable, steady and level headed. I'm still getting to know my study group very well, but the day long team-building events definitely get me a glimpse into their personalities. A couple were very agressive, some not-so-agressive but still gave extremely valuable inputs during the games. I got to see how different view points and analytical approaches to the same problem helped us create a flawless (well, almost) product out :-). There were some aspects of the people in my team which irritated me, ofcourse, I've come to put that aside and give respect to each one's strength. Hopefully we'll all learn from each other over the next 4 core-terms.
We are into the sporting and cultural events now. Section A (my section) jumped into the lead today at the end of the sporting events. But tonight is the biggie.. The Talent Nite. We have a song and a dance lined up from our section. Tonights event will decide the winning section. Its going to be close!


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