Sunday, April 23, 2006

First Week Ends..

Phew!! I'm glad that this whirlwind first week finally ended. It seems like I've been here at ISB for ages already. I've come to know a lot of my section mates quite well already. A week of team building exercises, sports and cultural events gives you some decent insight into your team-mates I guess.
Reflecting back on the week, I've had an overload of gyaan sessions from the seniors, a tough day of "Bind and Unwind" team building events, a come-from-behind victory in the Ultimate Frisbee finals (for which I didn't mind getting dunked in the pool), our only face-saving win in Cricket, an embarassing "loss-of-memory" salsa performance at the culturals, and 3 rocking parties (one of which I was the stand-in DJ). I had great fun practicing for all of the competitions. Some of my fellow dancers apologized to me for the mess-up on-stage during the Salsa performance. In my opinion, its alright that we messed up. I think that the 3 days of preparation for that event was worth so much more than just the 3 min of performance we gave on stage. It has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know members of my section, who I might not have interacted with so much!!
Now that the first week is done, time to get a little serious. Pre-terms begin from Monday. I need to get my act together. Hopefully the weeks from now will not be as hectic as the one so far. The last week was specially unnerving because every minute of my day was running on someone else's schedule. I guess I am used to having a lot of personal time to myself.


Blogger Venkat said...

Manu you guys did a great job. Sec A is proud of you.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous karthik ramachandran said...

dei, wot do u mean? the coming weeks will obviously be tougher. Atleast last week, even though u were sleepless u didn't have to bother about any deadlines. Come next week, u'll be sleepless and bother about assignment deadlines!!!

All the best.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Manu said...

Thanks dude.. We had good support from you guys!


11:04 AM  
Blogger Vivek Manjeri said...

Macha the parties did rock n so did your moonwalk !


8:04 AM  
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