Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I love the first weekend of every term!

I see a pattern emerging in students' behaviour here at ISB. Every term has 6 weeks..
Here's the pattern I see..

Week 1 : Do some odd homeworks here and there. Don't study too much. First weekend, party time, movie time, sports time, etc. All "theme" days happen during this week.
Week 2 : Sometime around the middle of the week, sinking feeling of upcoming mid-terms sets in. Homeworks are ramping up!
Week 3 : CRAM CRAM CRAM for the exam which typically happens on Friday

Phew, got through the mid-terms! Friday evening party!!!!
Can now afford to take a day off on Saturday.. Oops.. actually, assignments due on Monday.. Start slogging for that

Week 4 : Still playing catchup with homeworks and pre-reads. Somewhere towards the middle of this week, some mid-term grades come out. Uh-oh, screwed the exams.. Gotta atleast make up in the end-terms. This weekend, ISB typically looks like a grave-yard.
Week 5 : @#$%@#$, what the heck, exams are up again on Monday and Tuesday.. I just figured I have 2 subjects totally untouched. PANIC!! CRAM CRAM CRAM! ISB looks like a nuclear war zone. Only some odd insects can be seen outside here and there, this week.
Week 6 : Monday and Tuesdays exam. Tuesday night party time again! Wednesday, place is deserted with people flying out! Odd junta like me stay behind and enjoy the resort!

Week 7 / Next term's Week 1: Refer Week 1 of previous term!



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