Friday, August 11, 2006

Mid-terms.. AGAIN!

We have our mid-terms tomorrow. This is the worst I have been prepared for any exam at ISB so far. Corporate Finance is interesting, but it's taking its toll on me. I am guilty of not doing any pre-read or post-read. My contribution for the Corp Fin assignments haven't been that high either. I guess, a good lesson learnt. The previous terms, even though I hadn't been that regularly in touch with my readings, I was actively involved in the assignments, and hence, I had a certain degree of confidence going into exam week.
Operations Management, the other subject we have a mid-term exam on, has been very very interesting. Prof. Sridhar Seshadri from NYU handled the subject brilliantly. I really enjoyed the subject and was actively involved in the assignments. However, I think towards the end, I slacked in that too! I hope to start studying for that subject, sometime this evening. Hopefully it will be enough time.
Amazing contrast in my approach towards all the subjects this term. Entrepreneurship and Operations Management, I enjoy and really look forward to every day! On the other hand, both the finance subjects Managerial Accounting for Decision Making, and Corporate Finance, I dread! I have developed this mental block for finance related subjects because of my poor performance in the first term basic accounting course! As I prepare for the exam tomorrow, I realize that it isn't that bad. I just needed to put in more effort into these subjects, 'cause it doesn't come naturally to me.. unlike say Operations or DMO (Design Modelling and Optimization).



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