Sunday, July 30, 2006

A whirlwind weekend.

Wow, the weekend is already at its sunset! And I haven't touched my books since Wednesday evening, I just realize!
To name a few events that happened this weekend.. A "Bend it with Bhangra" party last night, after which I hit the bed only at 3.30am, an exhausting 2 and a half hours of salsa today (remind me never to do a marathon session like this one, EVER), a good Tamil movie after a long time (Panchanthanthiram, still got us all laughing even though we were all watching it some Nth time!), some placement related work (describing the companies we want to work with, getting our mini profiles in place, etc), some ELP stuff still pending to be worked on tomorrow, an assignment due on Monday morning, and lots of reading to catch up on!
Last afternoon, there were a couple of seniors from Microsoft here on campus. We had an informal session with them. It was good. They reminded us, that we needed to work more on our weaknesses, than our grades, if we didn't care for the consulting positions. Sigh! So easily said. I don't care for my grades as long as I can maintain myself just above average.. Why that criterion I've asked myself? I guess, it's more of for personal satisfaction. I guess I don't want to end up feeling dumb! My confidence might take a good beating! So far, I've managed that quite decently. What's odd about it is the fact that I don't even put in half the effort that most people are putting in! Sometimes it bothers me when people who studied wayyy more than me score less than me.. 'cause it just isn't fair to them. I feel guilty a lot of times. However, on the other hand, this sometimes turns into some sort of a confidence bolstering event. We got 3 exam results in the last four days, and I scored well above average in 2 of them and just above average in one more. Now, that probably explains why I haven't touched my books since Wednesday.. a sure indication of complacency setting in!

And so, now here I am, kicking myself awake to catchup on the readings for the term so far.. but as you can plainly see, all it seems to have done is increase my urge to blog!



Anonymous Tarun said...

Manu.. The salsa thing is good. And not to mention.. you are doing a fantastic job of doing it.

2:14 AM  
Blogger Manu said...

Thanks Tarun. Hope you enjoy it!

10:10 AM  
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