Monday, August 07, 2006

Where do I go from here?

I'm in a terribly confused state now..

Events leading to my confused state

1) My Operations Course : I LOVE IT! The whole deal with operations just seems so intuitive. It comes very naturally to me. Maybe after years of listening to my dad on the phone with the factory.
2) PAEV Course : The last talk we had from Manish Sabharwal inspired me even more. There is this part of me which has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I probably got that streak from my dad.
3) My visit to my Aikiya family's place : Every study group at ISB is assigned an Aikiya Family. An Aikiya family is a prominent business family here in Hyderabad. My study group has been adopted by Mr. Hemant Jalan who owns Nucon Industries in Hyderabad. They are India's biggest producers of Pneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Valves, Air Treatment Equipments, etc. We had gone to their house last night for his b'day party. It was inspiring to see how a single person can do so well by being an entrepreneur.
4) Some family pictures I saw today : One of my cousins had mailed some pictures taken last month. A bunch of my cousins from the US had come down for a wedding and so many of us were together after such a long time.

My Problems

There is this other part of me which wants to go back to my roots and live in Chennai with family; afterall that was one of the primary reasons I moved back to India. Now post ISB, if I went to work elsewhere, I'd be defeating the purpose of this entire exercise! I might have as well been in Colorado leading a plush life!
I was thinking about which line to get into post ISB. I know that I want to be in Technical Product Development. That's why I'm majoring in Marketing and IT/Operations. A part of me tells me that if I want to put in effort, I should be putting it into my own ventures! Another part of me tells me that I don't know enough to be on my own, nor do I have any ideas to start a new venture. The Operations Management classes make me want to take up my Dad's factory and run it. But, what is the growth down that line? We're just into contracting work supplying sheet-metal finished parts to automobile manufacturers.
Manish in his talk also said that a consulting job would help get a good perspective on domains to become entrepreneurs on. I'm working on a project with a consulting firm from the US for my ELP. The consulting club is going to kick off preparations for the placement seasons by beginning to work on cases. Should I try to be a consultant for a while? Should I spend time working on those cases too? I hate the thought of having to travel so much as a consultant. I'm more the types who like to work for sane hours, and then do something else in the spare time. Like learning new instruments or playing a sport. A consulting job would deprive me of those things. My discomfort with Hindi isn't going to help me either, if I get a job somewhere up north. I know I'll probably learn the language well enough in a place where I NEED to use it. But, still!
I know I can do well wherever I go or whatever I end up doing.
At the same time, am I being too picky? Sigh... life is so much easier with less choices.

Heck, this looks like one of those business cases that I read in my strategy classes. Which option should I pick?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take the option that scares you the most.

12:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry just bumped into your blog and couldnt help reading it:) I too had the same it my dad's business or my own:) In the end I decided to work for my dad to learn the deal and expand the business itself to other areas, that way I would have an expereinced mind to guide and rely on. My dad is an electrical contractor and we are expanding into design and maintenance. Maybe even get into/or introduce technology that has not been used in India yet.
Hope this gives some light.

7:56 PM  

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