Monday, September 11, 2006

McKinsey Session.

McKinsey & Co. was here last weekend. They conducted Problem Solving workshops for the students. My group isn't scheduled to have it till next weekend when they make their second visit. Everyone who had attended the workshop last weekend was happy with it. All of them unanimously said that they liked it!

The Consulting Club organized a late night session with them, for the entire student mass. I should say, I walked away IMPRESSED! The McKinsey team consisted of 3 Alums from ISB, one engagement Manager who was an IIMA alum, and an Associate Principal. They impressed all of us by their frankness, sense of humour, clarity in communication, and openness in their recruiting process. They even showed us the evaluation form they use when they interview a candidate. I was surprised that they spent about 6-8 min on every resume that they receive from the B-Schools. That is a LOT of time. I remember back at Seagate when I was looking at Resumes.. I spent about 3-4 min at the max. And I used to think that that was long! Well, looking at the effort the McKinsey guys put into their recruitment process, no wonder they get the best guys.
They also had a good presentation of what McKinsey is all about, their reach, and their influence.
In a lot of people's opinion, they were definitely a rung above the BCG guys who were here a couple of weeks back. I was never interested in working for a consulting firm. But now, after this session, I am considering giving it a shot.



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