Thursday, June 07, 2007

Attempting to get fit.. AGAIN!

Attempting.. attempting.. and still attempting!!

I woke up early this morning.. jogged for a good half hour on the newly laid Old Mahabalipuram Road. Felt good. Feel alive now. Trying to get the bloated me back into shape. I've also joined this dancerobics with Gold's gym.

My sedentary life style isn't any good. 9 hours of sitting at work is never healthy. I feel incapacitated. The last year at ISB was great in that sense. I played very regularly. Almost an hour and a half every alternate day. However, Sarovar and their policy of feeding ISB students pure fat, kept me from un-bloating. Now, i eat a little better, but the exercise component is missing. Dang.. why is staying fit ALWAYS a struggle? Why couldn't life be a little easier and for a change.. staying fit is what comes naturally.. and then one would really have to struggle to get out of shape! HA!
Having a fridge/pantry full of goodies like chocolates and biscuits is a daily test I have to pass. I've managed to scale down on the junk I consume.. but its so easy to have a relapse.. Once in a while I even imagine a bar of Dairy Milk coming dancing out of the fridge and knocking on my cubicle and running back!!

God.. I'm going mad!



Blogger Amritha said...

dude...i totally hear u...know exactly wat ur going through..isnt it sad when uv resorted to dreamin abt food of all things!!! :(

5:47 PM  

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