Saturday, October 06, 2007

Petrol Bunk Fraud.. Once again!

So, after my last fraudulent experience, I decided not to go to that petrol bunk. This time I chose a bigger petrol bunk with much better reputation. The one on LB Road at the corner of Indira Nagar. It even has an ICICI bank ATM attached to it.
Today, I needed some money AND needed to refuel.. so, I pull up into this place, park my car.. ask for 1000 bucks worth petrol, and walk into the ATM booth and withdraw cash. I was half expecting this guy to cheat me.
I walked back.. and sure enough, he was pretending to remove the pump pistol from the car as if he'd finished refueling the car. I checked the display on the pump, and sure enough, it displayed a perfect 1000 BUT WITHOUT THE NUMBER OF LITRES of PETROL DISPENSED. Half sarcastically, I asked the guy why the meter doesn't show how much fuel has been pumped. He stared shocked at me. I then, walked over to the pump, and hit the metal reset button, and sure enough.. the display reads Rs. 700.33 and X litres dispensed. I was so pissed! I sarcastically asked him why the machine ate up the 300 bucks worth of fuel. He gave me a scared look, went and punched in Rs. 300 bucks worth of fuel again and filled up my tank.
I was so pissed, I didn't know what to do. I complained to the Manager there (though I think he was also part of this whole racket). I warned them that if I saw it happening again to me or anyone else, I would go straight to the police.

What do you do with guys like these?? Sigh.. Why do people always want to earn money the easy way? Why not actually work for your bread??
Looks like this is a VERY common happening at least in Adyar

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Blogger NinA said...

do not waste time & energy by going to police & using pen, paper, blah blah

just record a video of the cheating act using a mobile camera

use youtube and post it.

forward the url to all fellow bloggers

email the video to your jurisdiction revenue department (District Collector, SP), the oil company,
alongwith mark cc to a minimum of 5 press agencies / television channels

this will make wonders

the result will be more effective way of bringing out, u need not worry afterwards.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Arun said...

Kudos, you did great here, if you have the inclination, any of Nina's suggestions are good as a follow-up. Your alias Rhapsoder, does it just signify your writing style? That's what I can conclude from "define:rhapsody" in google or ths link

5:05 AM  
Blogger Siddhi said...

off topic: stopped twittering?

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Diminic Breganza said...

In bangalore I noticed another common thing with these bunk attendants.
You say 1000 bucks worth of gas and he fills in 100 initially as though he didnt hear you. You tell him you said 1000 and he checks with his accomplice ( the cashier). The cashier confirms the amount and distracts you with questions of whether u have Rs 4 so that he can round the no of litres or that you air needs to be checked or some new scheme etc . Meanwhile the attendant has started pumping gas.and fills up for 900.
When asked he claims he had put in 100 initially and then 900. What he didnt do was reset the meter though he had switched off the pump.
The distraction was to keep your eyes away from the meter while resuming again.
Easy 100 made. Get about 10 vitims during the day and well hed make more money than the bunk owner !!

These guys will become the new generation thugs with the easy money they make.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Roshan said...

this happens only in INDYEAH!

10:48 PM  

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