Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Memories from the Gingee trip with CPC

My google alerts suddenly threw up my name from Srini's blogs. I followed it there and was pleasantly surprised to see pictures and videos of the Gingee trip with the Chennai Photography Club! I hadn't seen this post before!

Check it out at the following link..

Don't miss Video 1 which shows me sauntering over across the camera! Man, I seem to be double the size that I am today!


Blogger NinA said...

Hey Manu
this is srini from
Its toooo long time ago i posted the article
great to know that google alert is doing wonderful job for us

great time with u guys there at gingee fort

i m now switching over to

its easier to read blog posts in a single pane using **google reader**, try it.


7:36 PM  

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