Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Presentation went well..

I landed at the hotel where the conference was being held with about 45 min to spare, a laptop bag in which I had luckily stashed away a shirt and a razor. I checked in, ran up, quickly shaved, and changed to the one shirt I had. Ran down, just in time to watch catch the prelude to my presentation take off. After this, I was put on stage along with my colleague. This year I've been entrusted with revenue targets and so, as part of that foray, I have to train sales and field engineers. This presentation was the first of the many to follow, in trying to get buy-in from the field engineers. There were about 250 of them at the conference. Into the 2nd slide of my presentation, I was caught off-guard by a couple of questions, and then proved to have made a mistake. I accepted the mistake, and went on to put up more credible information/numbers over the next couple of slides. This finally got their attention, and then valuable feedback/constructive criticism started flowing in. Executing on the current revenue goal for me this year on a product which is relatively new to the target market segment, will be like going through an entire Marketing course for me. Starting from Marketing 101 to Marketing 999 :-). Learning the ropes of dealing with the product lines, application engineers, sales, customers and competition will be a great experience.

Apart from this stuff.. I've been noticing other stuff that I'd forgotten about the US!
a) How large a one-person serving can be at restaurants
b) What is "switch-on" position in any other country, is "switch-off" in the US for all switches.
c) Water fountains.. haven't found this anywhere else I've visited so far.

I also realize that I do miss the US in a lot of ways. It has become part of me in some ways. The amazing roads, the superb cars, the traffic handling, Bagels, pancakes, etc.

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