Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kodai International School Tourney

Kodai International High School is conducting a tournament for Ultimate Frisbee. It's called the Kodai Flybaba Tourney. It will be held on the 26th and 27th at their school premises.

Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore (2 teams) and Kodai will be participating in this tournament!
This will be way bigger than the Ah'bad tournament where we had just 3 teams!
Ahmedabad couldn't make it for lack of any economical means of getting to Kodai. Tickets were prohibitively expensive!

Looking forward to it!



Blogger Edgar Dantas said...

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4:43 PM  
Blogger Anu said...


Ofcourse I remember. 1 full year, yes. I need to repeat that to myself a couple of times! How are things with you? Maybe I'll see you again at Ultimate Frisbee one of these days!


11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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