Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 4 WCBU 2011 - the last day of pool play

Our first game against France was quite one sided. We lost 13 - 2. I played a few points (and not too well). They had some really fast youngsters and finished us off in quick.

The second game vs. Ireland was very very close. We lost 7 - 10 to Ireland. We were neck to neck all the way till the last 10 min of the game. Ireland was playing their first match of the day with a 13 member squad. They had plenty of fresh legs and that made the difference in the end. I'm willing to bet that if we had had a 13 member squad, we'd have beaten them. But anyway, reality was that we lost to them. I did play the matc ok I guess. 3 assists and 1 score, but was still feeling a little rusty. My body is literally creaking.

And oh, guess what! The Ukraine team gets kicked out of the league. Not sure of the exact reason. Some say that they played in very poor spirit, and some say they had a player who faked a name and participated with Ukraine, and at the same time participated in the Russian mixed team with his original name. Not sure why exactly. If it was the latter, then why didn't the Russia mixed team get kicked out as well?

Also, there was trade night today, where there's a trading floor / market, where people come and trade their jersey's and shorts for other interesting ones. I had ordered a couple of extra jersey's and shorts forthis exactly. I got some really cool trade-ins. I traded a spare blue team India jersey for a Ring Of Fire #13 jersey fro Brian Conklin of the US open team. That's the North Carolina's biggest Ultimate club name. Interestingly Brian and I use the same kersey number. He's doing his masters at NCSU! :-). And the jersey looks super cool too! And it's a 5 Ultimate branded t-shirt. The other white India jersey got traded for a Black German jersey which also looks uber cool! I also swapped a India #13 shorts from Zone with an Oxford shorts from 5 Ultimate (I didn't like my Zone shorts anyway). and have a promised 2 more pairs from Team Canada and Team Venezuela (which has a nice No Break written on the backside). Let's see if I manage to actually get one. Mama managed to get a cool trade of his CUF jersey with Chicken (Adam Simon)'s USA jersey. Chicken was looking for an Indian Jersey 'cos his girlfriend's half Indian and her dad would be thrilled to have an Indian Ultimate Jersey!

Tomorrow we have a cross pool game at 6pm in the evening, against winner of the Pool A last position game. We expect that it will be Portugal. Let's see.

Finally, I think I'm starting to understand what it's going to take to put together a decent team by the next World Cup in 4 years, and make sure that we perform decently! I'll write more abt this tomm. Now headed to sleep on the beach on a lounge chair! :-)

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