Wednesday, January 11, 2006

DRM - Hell By Another Name

For the uninitiated, DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is an attempt to reduce piracy in music and video media. Everyone knows that downloading an mp3 from the internet (without paying for it) is a criminal offence. A year back, I was inspired by one of my friends to turn to the good ways, and buy music instead of pirating it.

But here's what surprised me when I decided to go down the legal path. It became more difficult for me to listen to the music I paid for! So much for peace of mind and ease of use. For someone like me who uses atleast 3 computers in a day, it became very difficult for me to carry my music around. I have always wondered why the "right" path was made so difficult by the media barons..

Today I came across this awesome article on TG Daily on DRM. With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2006) and the Macworld happening this week, maybe someone will notice this article on DRM by Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst, Enderle Group?


Blogger Sujatha said...

Manu, loved reading the bakery man post. Very poignant.

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