Thursday, May 25, 2006

Arbit CP Dunking

NM grabs the honours for the first guy from my class to get dunked for Arbit CP. His CP's were SO arbit, he'd leave the prof's in a daze! If you can get Frito Lays and Credit Card companies and the number 1.2million in ONE class participation monologue, then you gotta be NM.
We decided to dunk him into the pool for it. So, last evening at around 5.30 pm, an email was sent out to our section calling for celebration of PG's b'day by dunking her at the pool. Most of the class turned up. All of us (including NM) walked PG to the pool to dunk her. Before NM knew what hit him, he was picked up by about 15 people and thrown into the pool. It was hillarious. NM was a great sport though! A couple of others got thrown into the pool too.. one for scoring very well in the Eco mid-term and the other.. oh well.. to just give the other some company!
Speaking about mid-terms, the Eco grades came out. I scored more than I thought I would. I scored just above the average score. Now, I'm really looking forward to my Stats grades. I think I've done pretty well.

Some dunking pics!

NM (the guy in red) thinks that PG (the girl) is the scape goat!

Most of section A at the pool. NM still thinks that PG is the scape goat!

Until now!

1... 2....

3.. DUNK!

"No more Frito Lays for me" says NM.

NuclioManiac flying in.. just to give company to the other dunkees!!


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