Saturday, May 27, 2006

Collage on Brand Equity class

Mama's got a brilliant collage of some people in the Marketing Class on Brand Equity. We had some really big deadlines the previous night, and a lot of people's system crashed during this class as is evident from the picture.
Personally, I liked the class quite a bit. The case study was on Levi's and their 1981 fiasco of entering the pre-tailored suit market. The power and perception of Brand's was beautifully captured in the lecture.

Some questions to get you thinking about Branding power. It is somewhat easy for us to buy tickets on Kingfisher Airlines, or think about buying an Apple Ipod mp3 player (both of who's original brand name strenght was based on some other product). However, can you think of a Levi's Formal Suit? Can you think of a Toshiba Breakfast Cereal? Some brands have too strong an image that they just cannot foray into some markets.
One of a regular shopper for Business suits aptly put it when he said "I walk into my office and someone compliments me on my suit, I will definitely be happy. But if he asks me what brand it is, I probably will not be terribly excited to say that its a Levi's!"


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