Thursday, June 01, 2006

Last Week of Term 1

Wow! Sujayath really was very accurate when he said that it was an MBA @ the speed of light! We're already into the last week of Term 1. I have my finals on Monday and Tuesday. Back to back, 2 exams on each day. For some reason, I am not feeling as serious as I should be! I guess when the flood water's have risen well above my head, it doesn't really matter if I'm 100 feet under water or 10000 feet under water. I'm still sunk! My only aim is to stay performing above average.

It's about 12.55am and I just got back from a group assignment submission. This is now becoming a very regular feature though. I need to be up and running again by tomorrow morning 7.30am. My last two classes for the term are tomorrow.

Prof. Jagmohan Raju wound up with his Marketing class today. He and Prof. Stine (who handled Statistics) were my favourite professors for the term. Brilliant stuff! Prof. Raju will also be handling Marketing 2 next term. I'm really looking forward to his classes (though I dread his cold calls for CP!).

Alright, now for another hour of studying before I hit the bed.


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