Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry X-Mas!

Solstice ends! Merry Christmas to everyone!

What a weekend that was! Two parties all night long.
The Friday night party at SV3 was a last minute one, and I stood in as DJ. Boy do the alums consume a lot more alcohol than the 07 batch! Nucliomaniac was telling me that people were chugging down alcohol like never before. We had to forcibly shut down the party at 5.00am 'cause we had a day of events ahead. We had about 150 people at that party I think.
If you thought that was big, think again!
The Saturday night Christmas party organized by Nucliomaniac was the biggest and the most rocking party I've been to! The party was held at the Step-Garden near SV1. When he said it was going to be big, I didn't realize how big it was! I've never seen so much alcohol being consumed in my life before! Close to 600 people at the party. Alums, spouses, students, Academic Associates... everyone was there. The DJ promised us that we'd see the day break before the party wound down, and boy did he do that! I didn't last that long though, but I heard people were still dancing till 6.30pm. Boy do I need another day to recover from the two parties.

Sigh.. back to the last stretch of the term now! Loads of assignments lined up this week. I'm going home for the new year! Hopefully I'll get done with all this stuff by then!



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