Sunday, January 15, 2006

ISB & Back To Boulder

Its been almost a week now since I got back to Boulder.. Amazing how things can change in a month. I'm back to the normal routine here in Boulder.. Works going good, and back to full swing. It was a great feeling to drive my car again. Once again the bat-mobile roars out of its den with music spanking from its Bose speakers.

But no, thats not the change I'm talking about. Last weekend, the day after I got back, I also heard back from ISB. I have secured an admit! I told my boss about it on Wednesday and things have been set into motion. I'm really glad I made my trip to Madras in December. The one month spent there was heaven. I've got re-accustomed to it and I can live there too now. I am not apprehensive of the thought about moving back to India for good.

I have to confirm my ISB admit by the 23rd by paying a partial fee. I still haven't paid it.. I wonder why? I have a meeting with my boss' boss on Tuesday to discuss my future with the company. I don't think they can say anything that can make me stay. But, I still wait for that meeting to get over before I confirm my admit. I ask myself why and I have no answers.. Am I scared to move back? I don't know. I don't think so. I like to tell myself I'm not scared of such things. I know I'll do well wherever I go. This has been a long planned. Returning to India has always been on my agenda. But at the same time I love my work. I love the company I work for. It was rated by Forbes magazine as the best company to work for for 2005. And why not? I have a boss who gives me all my space, I'm good at what I do there, and I've risen up quickly in the group. I guess its the thought of pushing myself out of my comfort zone again to do something that has to be done.

Tuesday will dawn on me :-)!


Blogger Wundergal said...

I know wat u mean!! I am going through the same conflicts in my mind - I guess it is just a kind of inertia towards familiarity I guess........

11:07 PM  

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