Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Turned in my resignation today.. I felt very bad about it. I love the work I do. I like every individual I work with in my group... well, almost everyone. I have learnt tonnes at work. To my consciousness, I have worked hard and given it everything I've had. And from my company's end.. they have recognized my effort and hard work. I guess that its been a fair deal so far. A few people have been telling me that I"m letting go of a very good job. Not many people get an opportunity to lead a team 2 years into their job. Hopefully, I'll prove that there's always opportunity and as long as one puts their heart and soul into the work, one's efforts will always be rewarded.

21 days to go. Tonnes of stuff to pack. I still haven't figured how I'm moving all my stuff. Should I get rid of everything I have? I don't know. Its going to be a torturous 3 weeks. But, well, looking at the brighter side.. it will be settled one way or the other in 21 days :-).


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