Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chennai Cityscape

A very nice set of pictures of the Chennai Cityscape. Superb thread..


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sunrise Frisbee?

Well, thats as close a shot as I could get to what I pictured in my mind. That morning wasn't the most active one! :-). I will keep trying.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally a picture!

Hopefully after seeing how this picture came out, I will get over my camera trigger inertia and start shooting more pictures! This was taken a couple of weeks back at the Coffee Day at IIT-M when Sid convened the first meeting of "Just Shoot" amateur photo club.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Five Point Someone in theatre

Yesterday I went for Evam & Madras Players' adaptation of the "Five Point Someone" novel by Chetan Bhagat. It was held at Music Academy here in Chennai and was the last time they were doing this play.
Boy had I under-estimated how much the play scene had picked up in Chennai. I landed at the venue a good half hour before it was scheduled and I couldn't find parking anywhere close! I finally found a spot almost 3/4 of a km away and then walked back from there. The place was PACKED! The Music Academy has a 1500 seating, and I would say that they were at least 3/4th full!
The play itself was entertaining though the cast was amateurish. We saw some TV personalities from Madras Players also do some roles in the play (like P.C.Ramakrishna portraying Prof. Cherian). Overall, I had a good laugh and a lot of fun. The script was tight and it was a good adaptation of the book into its theatrical version.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Injury time again.

A severe muscle tear/sprain is keeping me out of Ultimate Frisbee this weekend. This happened last Saturday when we were playing. I jumped up on defense and landed on mama's ankle and tore something on my right foot.

So, this weekend, I hope to be present there as a non-playing member. This is probably the best time for me to take my Nikon D70 out for a flex. I have felt ZERO inspiration to shoot any pictures after moving back to Chennai. But, now that I'm forced to sit on the sideline for the weekend, I've been thinking of shooting some action pictures.. and I can already imagine a star shot that I want to take tomorrow. Sunrise in the background, beach in the middle ground.. and someone diving for the Frisbee in the foreground.. and CLICK! Lets hope I get to do that!

Updating on the Ultimate Frisbee club.. we've had all sorts of problems that a startup typically faces. It's fascinating. What started off as a few ISBians trying to keep their past 1 year of Ultimate Frisbee going, has now snow-balled into a 30 member club where membership has been temporarily suspended 'cause of growing too fast and our inability to scale up as fast. Kiruba had directed some reporters onto Mama who gave them a small write up on Ultimate Frisbee and the club. The Press Trust of India covered it on the Times of India, Deccan Chronicle and a couple of other newspapers. That brought in a lot of membership to the club. On the other hand, we were still this group of 10 people with a single Ultimate Frisbee disk. So, we've temporarily suspended the membership to the yahoogropus and asked The Hindu and other newspapers to hold off doing an article on us for now, so that we can get a chance to scale up. After some emergency calls, we reached out to a few friends and have ordered for more standard Ultimate Frisbee disks from the US. We should have them in a few days. By the time that is here, hopefully we'll have enough people trained in atleast the basics to start teaching other people. Then, probably it will be time to let sport grow a lot more by getting The Hindu to do their feature on us. Growing too fast can kill the sport, growing too slow can kill the interest. Sure sounds like a startup!

Hopefully my next post will carry that picture that I dream off and talk about!