Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My feet are tired, but my soul is rested

I was thinking about what title to give this picture which I had shot when I was sitting around in my room in China. The title "The lonely traveller" came into mind. But then I chucked it, thinking it sounds too looney and depressing. Didn't want to encourage any negativity!

Then, one of the kids at Ahmedabad had given me this small hand-made wall hanging (which now hangs in my cube) which has the words "My feet are tired, but my soul is rested". Perfect!!

Oh.. about this picture.. I walked into the room and kicked-off my shoes. Sat down on the couch and realized that I loved the room lighting. So, sprawled out on the floor (in my suit) and was clicking away these pics. I'm sure it was quite an ungainly sight to see a full grown male in a suit and socks sprawled out on the floor shooting a picture of his shoes! But hey, I'm proud of this shot!

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Creativity Confirmed!

I had heard this from one of my professors who taught the Creativity, Innovation & Design course at ISB. On my last business trip, I happened to be at the Amsterdam airport. So, I decided to go check it out to make sure the prof wasn't pulling a fast one on us! :-). And boy oh boy, did I get a chance a chance to see the work of a genius in person.

Any public building administrator would tell you that the men's rest room has to be cleaned at least twice as often as the ladies rest room! Apparently we men have a 'focusing/aim problem'. Very plainly put, we spray far more :-P, and hence end up leaving the rest room more messed up than it was before. Hence the whole twice more cleaning required bit.

But hey, the Amsterdam airport authorities (or whoever) have definitely showed some creativity in reigning in administrative/cleaning costs.

Check out the following pictures!

The small painted fly in the piss pot solves half their problem! Apparently, it gives the men users a "target" or some sort of a focus you can say!
And trust me when I say it works :-P. It is bloody effective!

p.s. Excuse me for the poor quality photos. I had only my phone on me (forgot to carry my DSLR on this trip!). Couldn't get closer to take better pics, so had to be content with just using the zoom function on my phone. As it is, there were a number of people staring at the weird guy who was pointing out/waving his phone at the piss pot for some reason! :-P

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Monday, March 17, 2008

New Beijing Airport

Rediff carries a slide show of pictures of the new Beijing airport at the link below.
WOW! When will India ever get this kind of infrastructure?


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The beginning of the demise of Hindi movies!

I was walking out of my parents' room to my room to try and get some sleep (which I haven't been getting too much of these days). In the process, I had to pass by the living room. I saw my sister watching one more of those sappy Hindi movies where the hero (typically called Raj) romancing away with a heroine (typically wearing close to nothing in a frigging cold location) in a foreign location in a convertible with the top flipped down!

Oh wait.. this particular movie was THE movie! Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge! The first of its 4-word title kind.. and the movie which started the demise of them all! It has been 13 years since this movie came out in 1995, and it still continues to haunt me! I am surprised that my sis managed to find a DVD of this movie.. I had stayed clear of buying/pirating this particular movie from any type of source :-P.

My cousin, who had joined her in watching the movie exclaims to me that this is an old classic! :-P. I merely say that it's 'cause of a few idiots like my sister who go weak on their knees watching such concocted BS stories, that movies such as this one continue to run till date!

Before any idiots start spam-busing my blog, I will also say the following. I gotta give it to DDLJ, it was the best of the 4-word titled idiotic Hindi movies (notice I still do NOT say it's the best Hindi movie :-P). It's the other junky movies that it spawned off that bug me about DDLJ!


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Places I stay in (China, Dec 2008)

Places I stay in (Barcelona, Spain - Feb 2007)

I like taking pictures of well-made interiors. One of the things I tend to notice whenever I travel, is how each hotel/apartment is decorated. Here's a simple one I found in the apartment we stayed in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress this year.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nice read

One of my friends showed me this blog she'd been reading for a while now. This is the blog of someone who has also moved back to India after being a while in the US.

Pretty good stuff. I like her style of writing. Found her posts on "I'm getting married" very cool.. Check them out here.

A must read.. the entire section above.

Su - whoever you are.. it's amazing how you can admit to yourself and to the world outside about how exactly you feel. It takes a lot of guts and I guess that's why you are appreciated so much! :-)

[Edit] Loved this post on One life, two scenarious. Hahahaha! Come on you desis.. I'm willing to bet that there aren't any of you who haven't thought about this!! Admit it!

[Edit 2] Also enjoyed reading the following posts (titles paraphrased by me :-P)
Then and now..
Embarrassed to admit that I"m not single anymore
Would you like to join me for a walk? I'm headed that way?

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