Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Japanese Pot Saga

Japan is a treat for gizmo freaks. They have everything automated.. right from payments for tickets for the subway, all the way to food dispensers. But, one unique gizmo which I haven't seen anywhere else in the world.. is in the Japanese rest rooms! They have automated ass-cleaners! Of course, this doesn't put everyone in their comfort zone. As one of my colleagues remarked.. "Japan has everything.. automated dispensers.. high-tech toilets.. but no god-damn toilet-paper!"

Why don't we have such innovative products in India? :-P. At least in the star hotels! I'm sure no one will complain.

The pleasure of a high-tech pot, I tell you.. is very addicting! Especially true if you're a "lazy bum" like I am (pun intended)! I was reminded of my parents picking on me for trying to get work done without moving my ass :-P. For once, I can say that this did happen! (Okay.. I'll stop grossing my readers out at this point).

Voila.. for your viewing pleasure.. one such high-tech toilet!

Check it out! Heated seat rings for added comfort! Definitely useful during the cold Japanese winters!
[Edit] Forgot to mention the "Deodorizer" button! :-)

Spray control! Water temperature control!

And finally the incredible ass cleaner!

Oh btw.. the last picture wasn't as easy to shoot as one would imagine. The damn sprayer wouldn't come out till someone sat on the toilet seat. There was some sort of weight sensing mechanism on the toilet seat ring. Talk about hi-tech :-P.
I tried summoning the sprayer after placing my soap box on the toilet seat ring.. no luck. Replaced the soap box with my entire toilet kit. Still didn't work! Then, I finally ran out of options.. and decided to stand on the tub which was to the right of the pot.. put one foot on the toilet seat ring, add pressure by putting my weight on it.. lean over.. press the button to summon the sprayer (which btw.. retreats into the frame until required.. so as not obstruct other important stuff..), quickly stand up again, and shoot a picture of it. Unfortunately for me, the summon button was way over to the other side.. across the pot.. It was quite a task to whip out my camera quick enough to shoot this picture.

Finally, after 45 min of struggling to take this picture (and after getting sprayed on my face some 3-4 times.. DAMN that thing has a powerful spray! Went almost 4-5 feet high!), I emerged victorious from the rest room! Smiling.. drenched all over.. but camera unharmed/untouched (it's an expensive Nikon D70). I had this picture that I shall keep for posterity! I only managed to get the sprayer on its way back in.. but that's good enough. Couldn't dodge the damn spray.. AND whip out the camera and shoot a clear picture fast enough!

p.s. What? :-P. Stop over-reacting. The water from the spray was clean water. So, no big deal getting sprayed on the face :-P

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

iPhone, Pearl2, Diamond and Dare

Saw this video on youtube comparing some of the newest touch phones. Great that they paid some attention to some of the features that most people neglect to look at, but will come back to pain you when you're actually using the phone!

p.s. The Pearl 2 has the USB accelerator that I market! Check out the transfer speeds! :-)


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Boston - what an amazing song!

I've been listening to this song a lot in the last few weeks. It's by a group called Augustana. I really like the piano in this song! It gets me thinking about joining piano classes. It's always something I've wanted to do!

The alternative version is also good.. Check out the video below..

If the video does not work, try this link.

[Edit] Okay, I don't know which version is the original and which one is the alternative. But, I like the first version in this post better!